Reading the Alphabet–Letter F

~ @35 months ~
Backdated post for Feb 2014 

Our second lesson from the Reading the Alphabet (You can find the first lesson right here –> Letter T). 
Animal ABC
I loved the Animal ABC.  And so did Sweet Butterfly. 
Animal ABC - Letter F

Her hey-don’t-take-photo face.

Dot Stickers
It’d been awhile since we used the dot stickers.  I printed the dot stickers pages from Romping and Roaring ABC.

Dot Stickers - Letter F
And she let me take a photo!

Water Colour
Since water colour was such a hit when we did Letter T, we used it again.  I let her filled the bowl with water and carry it to the table.  She was so happy and proud of herself as there were no spills.

Water Colour Letter F

Size Sequencing
This activity is from COAH Letter of the Week.  I’d been teaching her size sorting and sequencing for awhile.  She surprised me by lining them up correctly without any prompting.
Sequencing - Fishes
Magnet Play
Another activity from COAH Letter of the Week.  I laminated the activity sheet and placed it on a baking tray.  She ‘filled up the holes’ with magnets.  This activity isn’t new to her so she finished it very fast.

9-piece puzzle
Yet another activity from COAH.  9 piece puzzle.  She is much better and more patient in fixing the puzzle now.

Coincidentally, Sweet Butterfly asked for a fairy worksheet.  Printed some activity from 1+1+1=1.  She was so happy that I agreed to her request.
All her Letter F work (including one school work).
Letter F

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