Sane Parenting with Lego Waterplay

~ Sweet Butterfly @3 yrs and 9 months ~
Throwback for Dec 2014

Sane Parenting with Lego Waterplay

Parenting is tough. 

There were days where I wished I could stay at home everyday to soak in their cuteness as they grow up.  There were days where I was just dead tired. 

I want to sleep.  I need to unwind.  I need some peace.  I need to relax, refresh and reconnect with the parenting world.

So I spent some $$$ on a pretty Little Mermaid Lego set.  I thought that I could tap on her love for Little Mermaid.  I thought she could follow the instructions to fix up the Lego set. 


She wasn’t ready to fix them up without any help.  So I fixed the set up for her. 

I was glad that I did it.

Fixing it, gave me time to zone out of the parenting world.  While she waited patiently, I got some ME time.  It was therapeutic to fix up the set.  She was so eager to have me fixed it up that she played with her baby brother.  She didn’t want him to disturb me.  So I took my sweet time to f.i.x. her Lego set.  I felt so accomplish as it was my first Lego set too.  Growing up, I was never interested in Lego. 

I extended my ME time by turning it into a mini waterplay session.  Something that isn’t messy.  A baking tray with some water and TA-DA! She was a happy girl.

She played long.  VERY long.  And did some story telling too.  Ooohhh!

The set was expensive, but it kept me sane when I most needed it.  And I managed to sneak in some story telling. 

My way of sane parenting.



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