Science Experiment – Balancing

~ @3 yrs and 7 months ~
Throwback for Oct 2014
We learned about balancing and weight.  I love how Spielgaben is so versatile.  We used the various manipulatives in this science experiment.  There are endless things to do with loose parts.
First, we built a bridge using a piece of coloured paper and slowly added coloured points on it.

The paper could take the weight of the points.  But we noted that it curved a little at the centre.
Instead of the paper, we used the wooden beam.  We added cubes and cylinders.  The beam could take the weight of the cubes and cylinders. 
We did the same with the coloured paper and the bridge gave way.  I was wondering why I did not have any pictures to show the bridge giving way, when I came across this photo.  I was too busy watching out, making sure that the points did not end up in Busy Bee’s mouth.
Sweet Butterfly observed that the paper could float to the floor as it was lighter than the beam.
Somehow, she got distracted and noticed that the points could fit into the holes on the beam.Our science experiment turned into a math exercise.  We started to grab bunches of points and did an estimation.All this while, I had to keep Busy Bee on my lap.

What she learnt:

1) Heavy objects need a strong bridge to stay balance.

2) Paper makes an unstable bridge.



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