Science Experiment – Exploring Baking Soda

~ @3 yrs and 6 months ~ Backdated post for Sep 2014

Me: Let’s do a science experiment.

Sweet Butterfly: OK! I want to play with ice.

Me: Why do you want to play with ice?

Sweet Butterfly: You say science experiment right?

Me: HAHA! We will do something different today.  We will make explosion.

Sweet Butterfly: Explosion?!?!

Me: Yes.  I will get vinegar.  We can get ice too.  What else do you want?

Sweet Butterfly: Hot water and cold water.
Apparently, our first science experiment, exploring ice, was such a successful one.  We ended up with these bowls (ice, vinegar, hot water, cold water, baking soda) in our tub.

Step 1, add baking soda to hot water.  She was kind of disappointed to see that nothing happened to the bowl of hot water.
Step 2, add baking soda to vinegar. 
And after we added to all the bowls, I explain the science behind the reaction.  To reinforce the learning, I gave her a bowl of vinegar and a dropper.  She added the vinegar to all the bowls. 
Eventually, there were explosions everywhere.

She was a happy girl.

What she learnt:

1) The bubble contained carbon dioxide

2) Mixing vinegar and baking soda produced carbon dioxide



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