Science Experiment – Explosion

~ Sweet Butterfly @3 yrs and 8 months ~
Throwback for Nov 2014

Science Experiment - Explosion

Since our first exploration, Sweet Butterfly was very addicted to baking soda and vinegar.   We named the activity EXPLOSION.  Somehow, this word meant excitement to a pre-schooler.

This time, we spiced it up a little with an old school play.  I added food colouring to the vinegar and she proceeded to add the various colours to the baking soda.  The end result was some seriously cool coloured explosions.  We observed how the colours mixed together and how new colours were formed.  She was more interested in getting the explosions than listening to my colour mixing talk.

She loved adding the vinegar….

Science Experiement - Explosion

…much to Busy Bee’s delight.  I loved his excited face.

Science Experiement - Explosion

It got gross eventually.

Science Experiement - Explosion

What she learnt:

  1. Mixing vinegar and baking soda produced carbon dioxide
  2. The bubbles contained carbon dioxide
  3. Colour mixing



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