Science Experiment – Milk Magic

~ Sweet Butterfly @3 yrs and 8 months ~
Throwback for Nov 2014

Milk Magic

Milk Magic, one of the best way to use expired milk.  Ever since I saw this activity at Toddler Approved, I’d been waiting patiently for our milk to get expired.  In fact, sub-consciously, I might had forgot to drink the milk on purpose or forgot to remind my family to drink it.  Well, that doesn’t matter, because we had put it into good learning opportunity.

The best part about this experiment was that I didn’t need to buy any science supplies.  We just need milk, food colouring, dish soap and toothpicks.  If you like to bake and make playdough, I’m sure you have these in your kitchen.

There is a full scientific explanation at Steve Spangler Science.  However, I found it a little beyond Sweet Butterfly’s age.  So, I simplified it.

What she learnt:

  1. While milk looks like water, it contains small amount of fats.
  2. Fats are oil that doesn’t dissolve in water.
  3. When soap is mixed in, the oil breaks up, carrying the colours with them.




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