Science Experiment – Water Walking

~ Sweet Butterfly @3 yrs and 9 months ~
Throwback for Dec 2014

Water Walking

Water Walking science experiment is nothing new.  Google it and you will get plenty of hits.  This experiment, which was so easily put together, was another hit for Sweet Butterfly.

She helped to filled the glass with water.  Lovely girl felt so grown up to fill a glass with water, held it carefully and walked from the washroom to the living room. 

We used bleeding crepe paper to colour our water.  Food colouring would work fine.  We just wanted to spice things up a little.

Stirred it up with an wooden disposable chopstick.

Next, she folded the kitchen towel.

We were all set up!

After a few minutes, our white kitchen towel magically changed colour.

Our little cutie was busy watching us in his walker.

What she learnt:

  1. Kitchen towel absorbs water.
  2. The process of water moving up the kitchen towel is called capillary action.
  3. Capillary action is how plants get their water from the ground.



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