Sensory Play – Waterbeads.

~ @37.5 months ~
Backdated post for Apr2014

Like most kids, Sweet Butterfly loves waterplay.  When I saw my Pinterest profile loaded with waterbeads activities, I knew that I had to do this with Sweet Butterfly.  I finally found waterbeads at Daiso and was  excited to do this activity. 

We started by pouring the water beads into a tub of water.  As with all water play, she immediately put her hands into the water and swirl.

We talked about how small the beads were.

We added in the water play tools.  By this time the beads had grew a little.  This was when science came in.  I explained that the beads absorbed the water, hence they became bigger. 

We poured the beads into the funnel and all of them went through.  However, when we used the sieve, only the water went through.  This got her thinking.  I asked her to observed the size of the holes for both the funnel and sieve.  She observed correctly that one was bigger than the other.  Hence, the beads could not go through the sieve.  Eventually, the beads got bigger and couldn’t fit through the funnel too.

She filled all the cups to the brim.  Learned a new word through this activity – ‘brim’.  We did lots of counting and colour sorting.

And Daddy joined in too.  It was totally therapeutic for the stressed up Daddy.

Sweet Butterfly played for more than and hour, till her fingers were all crumpled.  I had to coax her to stop.  I loved how this simply activity sparked lots of discussions and learning.  We left a bead out in the sun and it shrunk.  This became another long discussion.

Till date, we had repeated this activity at least 3 times.  It became an independent activity when I was busy with Busy Bee during the 1st month of his birth.

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