Shimmering Christmas Crafts

~ Sweet Butterfly @3 yrs and 8 months ~
Throwback for Nov 2014
Shimmering Christmas Crafts

November 2014 seemed to be a crafting month.  After our Letter A crafts, we continued with more crafts.  It was a merry season, with Pinterest filled with great crafts ideas.  And it seemed so logical to make some ornaments for our first ever Christmas tree.  We did 2 ornaments for our trees, 2 mini tress and a Xmas card.  These ideas were all from Pinterest.  Unfortunately, (3 yrs on) I’m unable to find the links to give the originators their credits.

We taped craft sticks together to make snow flakes and stars. 

Shimmering Christmas Crafts

Shimmering Christmas Crafts

Next we added glitter to the snowflakes.  To keep the mess to the minimal, I got Sweet Butterfly to squeeze the glue onto a plate.  She used the paint brush to cover the snowflake with glue.Shimmering Christmas CraftsWe placed the snowflake into a ziplog bag, poured golden glitters and gave it a good shake.Shimmering Christmas Crafts

The end product was beautiful.  We had golden snowflakes!Shimmering Christmas Crafts

For the stars, we brushed the glue over them and decorate them with jewels.  The glue dried with a glossy finishing.  This was an added surprise.Shimmering Christmas Crafts

We made 2 little Xmas trees.  I rolled a green paper into a cone and covered it with double sided tapes.  Sweet Butterfly decorated the cone with jewels and glitter paper.Shimmering Christmas Crafts

She told me she was a magical unicorn.Shimmering Christmas Crafts

For our second mini tree, covered it with cotton balls.  Her job was to paint it.Shimmering Christmas Crafts

I guessed the best craft was making a Xmas card.  This was a special one as it captured both Sweet Butterfly’s and Busy Bee’s handprints.  Again, we brushed glue over it.

Shimmering Christmas Crafts

Added shimmering sequins.

Shimmering Christmas Crafts

While we were busy crafting, Busy Bee entertained himself.Shimmering Christmas Crafts

Shimmering Christmas Crafts

I’m kicking myself for not having any photos of our tree.  Sadly, it remained in our storeroom after Christmas 2014.  It was the first and last time.

Follow our Pinterest Craft Board to get more craft ideas.



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