Spielgaben – Learning with Set 3

~ Sweet Butterfly @3 yrs and 8 months ~
Throwback for Nov 2014

 Spielgaben Set 3

We were finally moving on to Set 3.  This set consist of 8 small cubes.  When put together, its size is the same as the bigger cube used in Set 2.

 We followed the play guide and did the Clingy Play.  In gist, we lined up the cubes and used scotch tape.  There’s something about tapes and kids.  For some unknown reasons, Sweet Butterfly became excited when our play involved tapes.  We tried to form different shapes using the ‘joined up’ 8 cubes.  She wasn’t into construction, yet she gladly and patiently followed this activity.  

Clingy Blocks

I tried to get her to draw the structures she created but failed miserably.  I guess she wasn’t ready for Set 3.

Clingy Blocks

Read how we used Set 1 and Set 2 by clicking on the images below.

Spielgaben Set 1

Spielgaben Set 2



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