Spielgaben – Playing And Learning With Set 1

Learning with Spielgaben Set 1

Spielgaben Set 1 consists of coloured cotton balls (with and without strings).  This was the first set introduced to Sweet Butterfly and we had lots of fun.  You can see how we used them for free play in the post “Growing with Spielgaben – Totally Worth It”.

I introduced the accompanying worksheets for Set 1 after lots of free play.  These worksheets were done twice.  When she was 35 months and later at 39 months.
The first worksheet, colour matching, was relatively simple for her.  I needed to throw in some simple sure-win worksheets to boost her confidence.  She was VERY upset with my camera.

Another sure-win worksheet for her, matching the train carriages. (Why are you still taking photos?)

After her ‘wins’, she moved on to identify the similar objects in a row.  She loved this.

She declared she had enough of the worksheets, refusing to continue with the remaining worksheets I had prepared.  At 35 months, she preferred to have free play sessions with the cotton balls than structured lessons.  I let it be.
When she was at 40 months, I continued with the worksheets.  This time she was more ready.  She had fun building a caterpillar and identifying the missing caterpillars.
Spielgaben Worksheets
We did more worksheets on identifying similar objects and groups.
Spielgaben Worksheets
At 40 months, she was able to build according to the picture (with a little of my help).  This was something she had refused to do at 35 months.  I have a daughter who will not attempt to try if she believes she can’t do it.  I usually encourage her and let her be.  No forcing.
Spielgaben Worksheets
The Spielgaben Set 1 worksheets are divided into 3 levels.  I used the worksheets from all 3 levels, choosing those that matched her current learning levels.  We will visit the remaining worksheets when she is ready.
Other than the worksheets, I did the Spielgaben Set 1 lessons with her too.  These lessons were conducted before I presented her the worksheets.  It was a way of ‘setting the stage’, getting her ready and familiar with the play pieces of the Set.  She enjoyed the lessons.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos.  At times, the camera made her less interested in the lessons.

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