Spielgaben – Playing And Learning With Set 2

~ @3 yrs and 7 months ~
Throwback for Oct 2014

Spielgaben Set 2 consists of various 3D shapes.  Our original package came with spheres, pyramids and cubes.  We had since got the Upgrade Kit and now we have more 3D shapes.

We did the Spinning Playground, from the Spielgaben Playguide ,when Sweet Butterfly was 36.5 months.  You can see how we played in the post “Growing with Spielgaben – Totally Worth It”.  Through this simple and fun play, she learnt what is a sphere, a pyramid and a cube.  But she wasn’t ready for the worksheets yet.

At 3 yrs and 7 months, she started to do the worksheets.

Here we were, enjoying the Spinning Playground again.

Busy Bee joining in too.Following the Playguide, we dressed up the 3D shapes.  From this activity, she learned the number of sides on the 3D shapes, and their respective 2D shapes.  Interestingly, she learned that a long rectangle form the side of a cylinder.The Spielgaben Set 2 worksheets are divided into 3 levels.  I used the worksheets from all 3 levels, choosing those that matched her current learning levels.  We will visit the remaining worksheets when she is ready.



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