Fine Motor

~ @25 months ~   I thought our colour sorting lesson could be done different.  Using tongs and Pom Pom.  Supplies: Pom Pom of various colour (Daiso) Colour cups (Mothercare) […]

~ @24 – 25 months ~ Sweet Butterfly has started to show an interest in shapes.  Triangle is  her fav shape.  Since the interest is there, I thought I’ll create […]

~ @ 22 and 23 months ~         Supplies: Macaroni Plastic bowls and spoon Coloured stacking cups Learn: Scooping & Pouring Counting Colour Training her to learn […]

~ @ 21 months ~  Our first try on lacing was a success  Supplies Print any templates.  (I got mine from Activity Village) Cut the template Bunch holes around Shoelaces […]