Teacher’s Day

Last 2 weeks was horrible.  Both Sweet Butterfly and I were down with a flu, cough, fever and sore throat.  Being sick and handling an ill and non-cooperative Tot is no joke.  We’re still recovering but at least, life is more normal now.  So, here is a long overdue post.

~ @ 29 months ~

Teacher's Day Gift

6th Sept was Teacher’s Day.  It’s a day for parents and student to show their appreciation to the Teachers.  This year, it’s the first time I worked with Sweet Butterfly to create some crafts as gifts for her Teachers.  I took this opportunity to reflect on the gifts I’d given to my ex-teachers.

There are different schools of thoughts regarding the celebration on Teacher’s Day.  Some felt that it is needless.  Some felt that it is just to make the Teacher’s feel happy (so that the Teachers will treat their child in a nicer way).  Some prepare gifts for the sake of ‘blending in’.  Some refuse to provide gifts as the felt the Teachers are not performing to their expectations.  Some buy gifts.  Some made gifts.

Honestly, I’m guilty of almost all of the above examples.  As a child, I gave my Teachers gifts as my fellow classmates were doing the same.  I felt sad when my gifts seem smaller than my classmates.  It never crossed my mind that Teacher’s Day was to show our appreciation to our Teachers.

Now that it’s Sweet Butterfly’s turn, I wanted her to understand the meaning of Teacher’s Day.  I wanted her to appreciate her Teachers.  She may have her fair share of good and bad Teachers.  But, who am I to label them as good or bad?  I wanted her to respect her Teachers.  Even if I her Teachers were not the best (in my opinion), the last thing I’ll do is to tell this to her.  My reasoning is simple: If she no longer respects her Teachers, how will she be able to learn in school?

Having said all these, I must add that Sweet Butterfly has been blessed with wonderful, caring and dedicated teachers.

Here was how we made our gifts.  I used oil pastels to draw fireworks.

Teacher's Day gift - the making

Sweet Butterfly painted over the fireworks.  I helped her else the painting will turned up either brown or black (she loves to mix all the colours together).  As she worked, I explained to her why we are making gifts for the Teachers.  I told her how her Teachers loved her, taught her and care for her.  And asked her why she likes her Teachers.

Teacher's Day gift - the making

We traced her hand.  She was rather impatient with this and only let me trace once.  I used the one precious piece as template to trace more hands.  I took over the gift making. 

Glued the popsicle sticks between the cut-out hand and a piece of cardstock.  I designed some tags which say “Happy Teacher’s Day.  You spark up my life.  Thank you for molding me.”

Teacher's Day gift - the product
On 5th Sept, I presented these to Sweet Butterfly.  Again, I emphasized on how great her Teachers were and that we were giving them a token of appreciation.

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