Invitation to Play: The Creativity Box

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Invitiation to Play: The Creativity Box

I had been wanting to buy beads for Sweet Butterfly for a long while.  Just didn’t managed to find the right type, till I saw this tub of beads on sale at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Tub of beads
It’s only $4.80 (sale price) and comes in many colours.  The usage is endless.  Threading, colour sorting, counting, patterning, and so much more.  I couldn’t make up my mind on what to do.  In the end, I decided to set up an Invitation to Play: The Creativity Box.  I added more playing tools into the box too.  Pipe cleaners, strings, cupcakes paper, flower palette and measuring spoons of various sizes.  Sweet Butterfly started by collecting all the purple beads.
Collecting purple beads
Proceeded to threading.
Threading purple beads
Sweet Butterfly isn’t one to play on her own.  I had to join in after awhile.  I tried to show her that we can do colour sorting using the flower palette.
Sorting the beads
She was more interested in pouring all the coloured beads.
Scoop and pour
I showed her one way to use the cupcakes paper.
Cupcake paper
She found it more interesting to dump everything into her green stacking cup.
Green stacking cup
She thought that shaking the cup and messing up the floor is so much fun.  Intentionally shaking the beads onto the floor is not ok with me.  Especially since she refused to help clean up.  We had a little talk and I kept the box.
Shaking the beads
I took out the box on another day.  Our little talk previously worked.  She said ‘Sorry, I never do purposely.  Accidental.’ whenever a bead got to the floor.  I thought she over said these sentences.  Anyway, our play this time is focused on threading.  She wanted to make a Caterpillar Necklace.  This was something she learned in school.
We took turns to scoop the beads and thread them.  I rather she did everything on her own.  But she wanted to play in this manner.  I took this opportunity to explain teamwork.
This is the only shot I got of her wearing her caterpillar necklace.  She refused to smile for me.  Haha…
Caterpillar Necklace
I love this activity as it promotes creativity and build fine motor skills.  I left the box as it is.  We use it every other week.

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  1. Those beads really turned out to be a lot of fun. I love all of the different ways that you played with them.


  2. Coincidentally, I have prepared the same beads for sensory play. Haven't set it up though.. Feeling uninspired or maybe lazy! But thanks for sharing! Makes me want to start preparing for doll! 🙂


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