The Little Mermaid – Re-telling the Story

~ @3 yrs and 5 months ~
Backdated post for Aug 2014

I’m a super restrictive Mama.  Screen-time for Sweet Butterfly was restricted to educational DVDs like leapfrog.  When I was pregnant, I gave in a little and introduced Nick Junior.  Team Umizoomi became her favourite.  I liked it too as it taught Maths.

With Busy Bee, I relented more by introducing her to the Disney cartoon, Little Mermaid.  I struggled over this decision before showing her the DVD.  Sweet Butterfly loves Ariel.  Her 3 years old birthday cake had a Little Mermaid theme.  We read the story countless time.  I thought that by seeing the cartoon, she could relate to it.

She watched the DVD DAILY for more than a month.  She talked about the show every second.  She refused to do any activities with me.  She just wanted to ‘pretend-play’ the Little Mermaid way.
In the end, I made her some props.  She was ecstatic.

Checking out the pieces.

Found Ursula.  Somehow, Ursula fascinate her too.

This was a wonderful activity as it allowed me to carry Busy Bee (this explained the lack of photos) and re-tell the story together with her.  We had lots of literacy fun.  Did I mention that she can sing the song Part of Your World?

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