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Tot School in Chinese

We formally started our first Tot School in Chinese, using the My Body printable.  This is a printable I created to introduce Chinese in our Tot School.  We did this unit over a period of 2 weeks (weekends only).

Similar to our Letters learning (example Letter T), we started with painting.  Sweet Butterfly loves painting.  So, when I need to introduce a new thing, I’ll start with a painting session.  This time, I changed the way we paint. We did marble painting our My Body Pouch.

Marble painting
I don’t think she understand what marble painting is all about.  Couldn’t wait to use her hands.
Hand painting the My Body Pouch
Digressed a little to Colour Mixing.  She got addicted to this activity after our 5-in-1 Activity a few weeks ago.  Asked to do it again.
Colour Mixing
I assembled the pouch and laid out the cards one by one on the table.  Her job was to slot the card, I called out, into the My Body Pouch.
My Body Pouch cards
We continued to practice recognizing the cards.  When all the cards were in the pouch, we took them out and matched them to the My Body Mat.
My Body Mat and Cards
I tried another way of learn and play.  Hid all the cards in a bag filled with poms-poms.   My Body Cards in poms-poms bag
She was more interested in playing with the poms-poms than finding the cards.
Messy poms-poms
Sweet Butterfly loves the line drawing activity.  This activity requires her to draw lines to match the pictures to the words.  She was able to recognize all the pictures but not the words. It’s ok as it is more for exposure and for me to consciously teach Chinese.
Line matching

We coloured the 10 different body parts.  I coloured most of it. She was more interested in drawing circles around the picture and the words.
We had a playdough session where we used the playdough mats from the My Body printables
My Body Playdough Mat
Daddy joined in and made some nice sculptures. I loved this as it reinforced the learning through some sensory and 3D visual.  A pig with ears and tongue.  Pig Sculpture
She was in loved with her pig.
Pig and tongue

She finished 9 dot-a-dot mazes and refused to do the last one. Dot-a-dot maze
The following week, we painted a BIG picture of a girl.  I wanted to review what we learnt the previous week.
Big girl painting
She was very upset when we completed the BIG picture.  So I gave her another paper.  There was some massive cleaning up after this.
Messy messy

It was nothing but fun.  We painted various parts of her body.  Another way to learn about body parts.  I loved hearing her giggles.
Body Painting
We had fun playing with blu-tack too.
Playing with blu-tack

Sweet Butterfly helped to hang up our painting and matched up all the flashcards.

Playing with blu-tack Matching the cards to the painting

And here is her complete work.  Completed painting
I used oil pastels to draw and write some words.  She painted over it with water colours.  It was her first try at watercolours so she enjoyed it.
Watercolour painting
Over the course of the 2 weeks Tot School in Chinese, I hanged up her work so that she could see them constantly.

Tot School in Chinese completed work
Tot School in Chinese completed work

Here is a summary of her loves and dislikes for the My Body printables.

1. Painting the pouch and the big girl
2. Playdough sculptures
3. Colouring sheets (She loves instructing me to colour while she draws the circles.)
4. Dot-a-dot mazes
5. Poms-poms bag (love the poms-poms more than the cards.)

Dislikes 1. Playdough mats
2. Puzzles

I’ll be making the My Body printables, in English and Chinese, available for download soon.  Ironing out some technicalities.  While this lesson was done in Chinese, it can be easily adapt for English lesson.  Look out for a post dedicated to the My Body printables.  I’ll be sharing where I got the inspiration for creating this printable and providing all the necessary credits.

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