Water play with plastic eggs

~ @30 months ~
Backdated post for Sept 2013.
Water Sensory Play
It’s time for water play in our tiny weeny toilet.  I’d learnt that this is one of the best way for Sweet Butterfly to learn/practice letter recognition.  Baby letters are written on each of the eggs.  Got her to help in the set up.

This is her, accommodating to my request for a smile.  She couldn’t wait to start playing.

Proof that she can’t wait.  “NO PHOTOS!”
Showering the eggs.

Collecting the eggs.  I got her to name the letters on the eggs.

After awhile, it was just free play.  There are times where I’m unable to incorporate too much learning into play.  I stop when she shows signs of frustration or ignore me totally.

She asked to wash the eggs.
It progressed to squeezing bubbles out of the sponge which is perfect for strengthening her little fingers.

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